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The technologies of QsCalendar

Everyone uses the date picker to fill the date related inputs in the apps or on the websites. If you think in other way, you can use date picker to show the birthdays of the contacts. The QsCalendar makes it reality. 


QsCalendar takes advantage of the Apple Contacts interface technology and the iCloud infrastructure. QsCalendar is designed to run on more than 500 million active iOS devices worldwide.

The features of QsCalendar:

QsCalendar is designed for you to make it easy to show birthdays of your family and friends.


QsCalendar shows the birthdays according to date and time.


One Touch on the month selector, all birthdays of the month are shown with photo's.

One Touch on the year selector, the birthdays for the coming years and decades are shown.

The age calculation becomes the past. QsCalendar gives you the exact age of the contacts, when you touch the year selector of the date picker.

The colours:

Red : Who is celebrating a birthday today?

Orange : Who is celebrating a birthday this week?

To use QsCalendar, add birthday date of the contact to the Contacts. If the photo of contact is not available, QsCalendar shows the most beautiful flowers.


One Touch Makes Your Family And Friends Happy !

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